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Eileen Simmons (ESimmons@ci.everett.wa.us)
Thu, 15 Jul 2004 13:34:15 -0700

We have subscribed for about a year now. We've taken advantage of the public
performance right to have a regular program of independent films here. The
screenings have had a small, but loyal audience, and I hope to do better PR
for it this fall (we're taking a summer break). The DVDs circulate fairly

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I decided to begin this program this year. I had seen a salesman last year,
but then it was a brand new program. The films look interesting. It works
out to be about $30 per title, which is a pretty decent price. They all
come with public performance rights. I figured it was a way to get quality
independent films on a regular basis. This will add interest to our
collection, but won't be a major focus. I also don't anticipate high circ on
them. However, since our collection does not focus on the year's
blockbuster hits, these will fit along with our foreign film and silent film
collections! a few people asked about this a couple of months ago, in fact
right before the sales rep called me again, so I was happy to have been
reminded about it before her visit. If I remember correctly, someone said
that the delivery is not quite as regular - 1 per month - as listed. Hope
this helps.

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Is anyone out there subscribing to the Film Movement program through
Recorded Books? Or could you provide any information related to this?

It looks promising, but I could use your advice!

Many thanks,


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