[Videolib] Jim Scholtz - hawking himself

James Scholtz (jimscholtz@sdln.net)
Wed, 14 Jul 2004 16:13:45 -0400

Hi fellow videolibbers, After my most recent post about the Disc-Go-Pod, I
thought to myself "self, are you on an ego trip or what?" Just wanted to
tell you guys that I'm not trying to "hawk" myself as a know-it-all or
something - especially about these darn cleaning/repair machines. It just
seems that the question keeps coming up and there isn't much written about
the subject except my article in LJ. I hope someone writes something
better. Originally, the LJ article had much more content and I did alot
more extensive research but had to limit the article to about 1500 words
(originally had 5500 - way too much!!). Anyway, I'd love to hear from some
other people on this subject and maybe help with some new research. I'm
off to play tennis for a couple of weeks... Jim S.

James C. Scholtz, Director
Yankton Community Library
515 Walnut St.
Yankton, SD 57078