[Videolib] Savage Eye--Kino

Lisa Flanzraich (LFlanzra@Qc1.Qc.Edu)
Wed, 14 Jul 2004 15:18:17 -0400

Hi Jessica,

I saw the Savage Eye this Sunday in Astoria. It now ranks as one of my most
favorite films. What an original, inventive film. I am still enthralled. Yaddy yadda--
one question--how can I get to see it again? You see whenever I see a film, I rush
out and write down all my thoughts--my mind is now a blank on the interior
monologues of Judith and the angel (Gary Merrill) Any ideas on how I could get a
hold of the script? I love this movie -- it is now in my cinemaniacal bloodstream.

Anyone else have thoughts on how to get a hold of the script/copy of Savage Eye?