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James Scholtz (jimscholtz@sdln.net)
Wed, 14 Jul 2004 14:21:43 -0400

Hi, My name is Jim Scholtz and I recently wrote an article comparing and
evaluating 5 of the disc repair/cleaning units (Compact Disc Repairman,
RTI, Disc-Go-Pod, Azuradisc and the JFJ unit) in the May 15 AV special
issue of Library Journal. You may wish to consult this article before you
purchase a unit. Yes, at my library (Yankton Community Library) we own
both a DGP and a single-arm JFJ unit. The DGP is used for cleaning and
minor scratch removal and also used for patrons wishing to clean discs (we
charge $1.00). The DGP has the lest expensive consumables but the
water-soluble solution (aluminum oxide in water) evaporates very quickly
and can't be left in the reservoir tank overnight. Use is simple, put the
disc in upside down, shut the lid, turn it on (1 cycle lasts for 5 min -
most discs take 2-3 cycles for cleaning). You may have to adjust the tube
clamp that regulates the liquid feed pressure and the operator may also
have to adjust the "tightness" of the 2 spinning felt wheels. Replacement
of those wheels is very simple. Initially, I was apprehensive about the
durability of the DGP - plastic unit with plastic buttons, threaded
spindle, etc., (only comes with a 30-day warranty - all others come with at
least 90 days - 1 year) but it has worked very well with no
problems. Personally, I like our JFJ unit (a multi-stage, dry process) a
bit better. A bit more expensive at $575 (compared with $399),
consumables are a bit more, but still reasonable and the repair range is
greater using less time. However, staff must be trained in use, changing
pads, etc. The DGP is excellent for patron use and minor
scratches. Others on the listserv have mentioned the round-over (as
compared with flat-to-flat) tendencies of these machines (only the RTI Eco
series at $3000 and $4000 indicates no rounding after multiple repairs)
and, while I agree, I don't think that the discs we purchase will stand up
to multiple repairs/cleanings before they are damaged beyond all repair. I
might invest in a disc check unit (sold by RTI, Azuadisc and Compact Disc
Repairman from $1800 -$3000) so that I could ascertain if a disc is
repairable or not. If you repair a lot of discs (say 50+ per month, I
might invest in the RTI unit; if not the JFJ would be a good
alternative. Buy a DGP for minor scratches and your patron's use. Hope
this information helps. Jim S.

At 02:03 PM 7/14/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>Kia Ora...
>Does anyone have any experience with the Disc-Go-Pod disc repair machine
>(www.discgopod.com)? We currently use the Skip Dr for most of our scratch
>repairs and are considering purchasing one of the Disc-Go-Pods.
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