[Videolib] archiving music to CD

Bergman, Barbara J (barbara.bergman@mnsu.edu)
Tue, 13 Jul 2004 11:19:10 -0500

I had this question below from our music librarian about what of kind of
CD should be used to archive old performance recordings. Any of you fine
folks have any knowledge or experience with similar projects?

We are preparing to continue a project that was started several years
ago--transferring faculty recitals recorded on reel-to-reel tape (many
of them dating back about thirty years) to CD format. When the library
worked on this project a couple of years ago, we were using
audio-quality CDs, but lately we have been told that it would be better
to use gold-based media.

Needless to say, gold quality CDs are considerably more expensive than
what we had been using so we would like confirmation that the gold is
worth the extra money.

We would appreciate any information you can give about the products you
are using for sound preservation and, if possible, information about the
vendors you have worked with and their prices. Thank you for any help
you can offer.

Lynne Weber
Minnesota State University, Mankato