[Videolib] Daddy (Peter Whitehead, 1973)

Fri, 9 Jul 2004 21:28:35 -0400

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Dear Peter Delin,

I have noticed how helpful you have been to others on this listserv=2E I a=
working on a bio-bibliography on Carl Orff and am trying to list all
commercially produced videos, motion pictures, etc=2E about him or his wor=
My attachment lists what I have found so far and, at the very end,
references to titles I have come across but haven't found complete
citations (publisher, date, etc=2E) I wonder if TV broadcasts in Germany a=
available on video, or perhaps archived at the station=2E If you have the
time and interest I would be overjoyed if you could help me=2E=20

Joan O'Connor

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