[Videolib] Question About Disc Dr (David Wright)

Thu, 8 Jul 2004 19:33:35 -0000 (UTC)


The disc doctor is not a device I would recommend. We have seen numerous
instances where this device has caused more damage that it corrects.
First, it only removes light scratches. Further, it will leave a radial
trail of scratches on the disc that over time will most likely cause
further skipping or freezing of the disc. In some instances, we have seen
this machine cause a disc to become unrepairable.

We run a professional resurface/repair business and use automated, high
speed repair machines. Without adding to much a plug, I would suggest
that your repair needs are better outsourced to a service such as ours
rather than spend $30 or $40 on a device that will not work as well. You
are correct that unless you are repairing 1000's of discs a year it is
simply not justified spending $2000 for a single disc professional repair
device or the $16,000 for a more high-speed automated one. That is why a
service such as ours exists.

We have previously offered to repair a couple of discs for Videolib
members at no charge to check our service out. I would like to extend
that offer to you at this time before you spend money on a crank device or
home scratch repair kit. I would invite you to check out our website for
additional information on disc repair.

David Wright