[Videolib] The September Project

J. Albano (jalbano@u.washington.edu)
Fri, 2 Jul 2004 15:26:01 -0700 (PDT)

What's your library doing on September 11?

The September Project is a coordinated effort to encourage people around
the world to attend public places such as libraries on September 11 and
engage in talks, deliberations, and performances about democracy,
citizenship, and patriotism. Libraries are perfect places for such
events: they are free, they are open to the public, and they are
distributed nationally. There are over 16,000 public libraries in the
U.S. and this does not include university, research, K-12, and places of
worship libraries. The September Project is a collection of people around
the world devoted to making this happen annually and internationally.

For more information, go to The September Project at

To see a map of participating hosts, go to

I hope that you will consider getting involved!

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