[Videolib] copyright question: fair use or not?

Fri, 2 Jul 2004 10:16:32 EDT

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> I wish you or Gary would post the relevant section because I have
> NEVER heard of "fair use" as applying to anything more than a PORTION of
> FILM and I believe that is very specific in the code. Can one of you or
> someone else post this section ? I know I should=A0 have it but I don't
> I think the original question relates only to the issues of "face
> to face teaching " exemption on how IT would apply , I think it very
> dangerous indeed to mix " Fair Use " in this but I am more than willing to
> be proved wrong.

My god -- first we're both rooting for the Mets this week (though Jessica is=
only doing this because they're playing Cincinnati) and now this. It's like=20
Woodstock and the summer of love all over :-)

I have to agree with Jessica on this one. The idea of showing an entire film=
or even a significant portion of one in guise of "fair use" is one I've neve=
heard of. Maureen's use is a borderline one as an orientation class kind of=20
stretches the ideas of PPR in terms of a regularly scheduled class. But as a=
distributor I personally would give my blessings -- if the film was indeed=20
intended to instruct the new students and it wasn't a current feature such a=
s one=20
starring Brad Pitt to "teach the students about the history of the Trojan Wa=
And I can't imagine a judge ruling against it, much less letting the case co=
to trial for that reason either.=20

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