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Mon, 28 Jun 2004 22:33:41 -0700

On 6/28/04 11:19 AM "Jill Baker" <> sent this out:

> Do any of you use on-demand video servers?

I think there's probably many people here who have video servers deployed.

Did you have specific questions?

> I would think that anything you
> would load on there would have to be local production or purchased with a
> special license. Any feedback would be appreciated.

With materials you yourself own copyright on and/or your organization owns
copyright on, you can choose to make that material available on a video
server at your discretion.

For materials that you and/or your org. don't have copyright on, you have to
get appropriate licensing from the copyright holder to serve up the video on
a video server.

Commercial copyright holders often see this as a revenue opportunity, so
they will most likely charge you a fee for this use. The "deals" I've struck
with content providers treat serving up their materials on networks is
analogous to "duplication" or "closed circuit" rights and the fees for
network distribution have been very similar to those rights in my experience
with most companies. The license duration has mainly been 5 years. These
agreements always stipulate that the videos are ONLY accessible to the
organization's client base. For me that was the K-12 schools in my service
area in four counties in Oregon.

Other licensing models have the "annual fee" scenario. I never signed on to
that model. I couldn't keep paying year-after-year for the same title. I
needed to make the purchase for a 5-year period and get on with acquiring
new titles and replacing old ones in successive years.

Anything else? :-)


Rick Faaberg

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