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Laroi Lawton (laroi.lawton@bcc.cuny.edu)
Sat, 26 Jun 2004 23:28:21 -0400

Several concerns come to mind in your dilemma. First and foremost, how long have you been experiencing the theft? When did this event first occur and where exactly in terms of the library and or media unit are the items displayed.
Proximity and location are important because this lends to opportunity for theft. Do you have new hires who may find a lucrative benefit to lifting your items especially if security is not a major issue in the library and or media unit in your area. Has campus security been notified and this issue discussed where plains clothes security details can be be saturated in the area to identify and arrest the culprits. In terms of dollar amount, if the thefts exceed more than $1,000.00, the theft becomes a felony. Understand that your collection, depending upon what you purchase may have caught the eyes of any number of people who either like the selections and or want to burn (copy) them and sell them. Security cameras are another option but then this will depend upon what type of camera and your budgetand whether or not you want to go this route. Staff, day, evening and weekend should be discreetly informed to be on the lookout and what protocols to follow if they suspect someone. Do not b
e surprised if it is in-house. This happened to me several years ago, and since then I have been even more vigilant in attempting to keep the multimedia collection intact. We do not have our collection out in an open stacks area like yours, but I have worked in institutions that have. In that case, we kept the actual items behind closed stack areas and left the jackets out on the main area for patron persual and selection. They in turn would come to the circulation desk with the jacket where we would then retrieve the item and check it out to the patron. No matter where you put the sensor tape, it will be found as most thieves know where to look. And you do not want to damage it anyway. They never taught me this in library school but I've learned the hard way that at times you have to think like a thief even if it is not in your nature or background. One of the great things about this listserv is the ability to share and communicate even though we don't see each other.

Hang tough!!

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