Re: [Videolib] Floating collections

Rick Faaberg (
Mon, 14 Jun 2004 23:49:17 -0700

On 6/14/04 11:02 AM "Skarra, Mary" <> sent this

> We are considering floating collections instead of rotations for our AV
> collection. How do you know which branch items are checked in?
> Mary Skarra


Isn't that really a systems issue? You know like system design and then
implementation through software and materials transport and the like?

I'm assuming that you mean that items can be requested from any branch where
they happen to be and transferred to that branch? And the items stay there
(and are checked out to patrons there) until requested by a different

I'm looking at your situation as a systems designer/programmer, since that's
my approach to analysis, but if you provide a more thorough description of
the scenario involved maybe I or someone with an appropriate knowledge base
can help.


Rick Faaberg

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