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Chip Taylor (sales@chiptaylor.com)
Sat, 12 Jun 2004 10:25:29 -0400

Mark Richie was a strong advocate of Total Quality Management. To help him
get that message out to his colleagues, I produced the following program
with him:

Managing Educational Technology: Introducing Quality
Mark Richie, educator/administrator/author, translates what is commonly
known as Total Quality Management into the world of computer labs, video
libraries, distance learning and technology repair services. 15 min. Website
Link: http://www.chiptaylor.com/ttlmnp1661-.cfm

As a tribute to Mark, honoring his long career in education, I will inlude a
FREE DVD or VHS copy of the program upon request with any incoming order
received by the end of June. Simply list the program title, format desired,
and indicate No Charge on your order. All June orders may be billed in July.

To Order, Contact:
Chip Taylor Communications
2 East View Drive
Derry, NH 03038
Toll Free Orders (US): 800.876.CHIP (2447)
Phone: 603.434.9262 Fax: 603.432.2723 sales@chiptaylor.com
Federal ID #: 02-0381570

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