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]] Richie Departs EMTC [[

After 30 years in education, 21 as a multi-media librarian and over 18
years searching for another job, Mark Richie (without the "t"), Director
of the Burlington County Educational Media & Technology Center has
finally given up and filled his retirement papers.
During his EMTC tenure the collection grew from 4,800 16mm films in
bent, rusted cans to over 15,000 videotapes in dirty, cracked plastic
boxes. Richie lived for bragging rights and jumped on every shift in
media he could. He variously embraced estar based film, videotapes, felt
boards, laser discs, dustless chalk, CD-ROM, CD-i (Compact Disc -
Interactive), DVD, StarLab portable planetariums and medical models. His
most recent Rube Goldberg project was the delivery of full motion, full
screen interactive video over the Internet to member schools. Which,
like the possibility of humans ever walking on the moon was doomed from
the start.
Richie paid off a number of journals to publish is ill-conceived notions
of how motion media could best be used in the classroom. Over the years
he presented over 160 sessions at national, regional and state
technology conferences. Attendance at these sessions is estimated to be
nearly three dozen. He is best remembered for developing the radical
notion that in-service workshops should be relevant to what he called
the, "Monday Morning Needs" of teachers. He had a flickering brush with
success in 1994 publishing a text on quality management for technology
services. The last 33,000 copies are in his basement.
Nationally, Richie had moderate success as president of The National
Association of Regional Media Centers (NARMC), ?The American Film &
Video Association and, The National Media Market. To distance themselves
from Mr. Richie, NARMC changed its name to NAMTC, AFVA went out of
existence in 1992 rather than be associated with him. Similar action is
pending with the National Media Market. New Jersey encouraged this
involvement because it kept him out of the state. While some thought of
him as innovative and a good leader, others thought he was pushy.
The introduction at one speech described him as a self-made man who is
more of a warning than an example." In a tragic lapse of judgment Richie
received the Braselman Leadership Award from NAMTC in 1995. Richie
leaves behind a legacy of failed innovation, a blurred vision of the
future and several hundred unpaid bills.
According to his board president,"Richie leaves a void easily replaced
by an empty space. Having a director with a personality will be a
refreshing change."
Richie plans retirement to a used double-wide in Crossville, Tennessee.
He thinks there will be a demand for his services presenting copyright
workshops and teaching about educational applications of digital video.
Hope springs eternal.
He left no forwarding address. Go figure.


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