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There are also cameras that will record directly to streaming files. It all
depends on your trade off between flexibility and ease of use. Jed

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Mini DV is sure you buy a camera with a firewire port (most of
em' have this). You realize, I'm sure, that you'll have to do something to
turn your mini-dv into .avi (i.e. crank it into a PC or Mac and export it
to .avi). You won't be posting your .avi (or whatever) directly to your
web site, of course. You'll need to turn it into QuickTime or Real or
MediaPlayer files,,,


At 01:33 PM 6/11/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>We're contemplating buying a video camera for the library to record events
>and then post to the website. I was looking at the Canon Optura 30, but
>unsure if this is a good format (miniDV) or even if this is a good choice.
>We'd like to end up with a clip that's a few minutes long, in either .avi
>.wmv format. Any suggestions or advice?
>Ellen Druda
>Media/Internet Librarian
>Half Hollow Hills Community Library
>Dix Hills, NY 11746
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