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At the public library where I used to work we did a 10,000 video conversion project from acquisition numbers to categories. We used the following:
Animation(these are one program per tape)
Cartoon Anthologies (multiple shorts per tape)
Foreign Language
Science Fiction
Very Young (these are geared for the preschool set)

I would be VERY careful about using a category of "Family Entertainment" someone somewhere is going to get their nose bent out of joint because they checked a title out of the family section that had ______(fill in your favorite) in it and pretty soon nothing is left in "Family Entertainment" just have lots of review sources around and put the resposibility monkey on the patron's back.

>>> 06/10/04 03:26PM >>>
Please excuse the cross-posting.

We have a collection of over 4,500 DVDs and 2,700 videocassettes in our
main library in the adult feature film area. Juvenile and Nonfiction
titles are shelved in their respective departments. At present, the
adult feature films are shelved (separately from each other) in
alphabetical order by title. In response to customer requests, we're
considering the following categories:
Family Entertainment, Art (as in Art/Foreign Language), In Demand
Titles, Action/Adventure

Has anyone separated their video recordings into categories? How well
has it worked? Which categories did you use? How did you let
customers/library staff know where to find them--call number change,
stickers on the spine, etc?

Please reply directly to me and I will summarize for the list.


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