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Here at Cal State San Bernardino we have thousands of LP's in storage in
the basement of Technical Services. Many of the bib records are still in
the database for patrons to access. At the present time, patrons can go to
Circulation and the circ. staff will come down and retrieve them. A few
years back we closed our Music Listening facility to make room for a Water
Resource Institute. The new music CD's are now housed in our Info-Den
where computer software for education etc. is housed. The interesting part
of all of this is when it came time for the renewal of the university's
accreditation all of a sudden the LP collection had importance. The Music
Department here on campus has provided turntables as well as student
assistant help to provide some kind of music facility in the
Library. There has been talk that some of those LP's will be moved to the
Info-Den so there will be greater access. At the time the original music
listening facility was closed any recordings that were made from the LP's
were destroyed due to any possible copyright infringements.

At 12:08 PM 6/10/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>As the old saying goes, "It only hurts till it hits the trash".........
>and you can probably use that shelf space for the new compact discs
>you will buy.. Good luck.
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>Someone a while back asked if there was a comparable listserv for sound
>materials, but I don't recall an answer to this question . . . if there is
>one, please let me know. I need to consult with others about the fate of
>our LP collection (about 800 albums). We have been told to collect in
>compact disc format only, and to discard our record collection. I have
>replaced many of our old titles on compact disc, but many of the ones that
>are left just aren't available in that format. Now I've been told I need to
>"discard" them, but it is killing me to do this. The titles include lots of
>poetry, often read by the poet; drama, lots of it pretty obscure, like
>Langston Hughes' Jericho-Jim Crow, directed by Ailey and Hairston . . . lots
>of opera, including old Doyly Carte productions and Norma sung by Callas.
>Any ideas? I've thought about recording some from LP to compact disc, for
>titles that are truly impossible to replace. I have tried donating them to
>other schools, but most are in the same situation, not interested in taking
>on more LPs. Any suggestions would be welcome--I feel terrible, criminal
>even, just throwing them out!!!!!!
>Thanks for any suggestions!
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