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Thanx for this software tip.

For Maureen and others in her situation, I again point out that US copyright law makes SPECIFIC provision to allow LIBRARIES to copy materials, in their entirety, including transfer to another medium, including digital media, if certain provisions are met.


These provisions include, loss, damage, deterioration, or obsolete format.

Is the LP obsolete? Many may argue no.... but the US Copyright Office defines "obsolete" as:

(2) "Obsolete" shall mean "no longer manufactured or reasonably available in the commercial marketplace."

Of course, all the other provisions apply.. .reasonable effort to find an unused copy, reasonable price, yada yada yada.

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> From: Laroi Lawton
> Hi Maureen:
> LP's, 45's, casettes, and 8-tracks can be converted into digital files that can be burned onto CD or just played on your computer. There is a program called Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 2004, though other programs out there use pretty much the same process. Its about forty bucks depending upon vendor or direct. You can remove crackling, hissing, popping and assorted audio gremlins. And a lot more. Audio Cleaning Lab takes the restoration and remastering process from beginning to end, with an easy to use interface. Take a look at
> We have ordered this program to run a test since I, and as you have already pointed out, others have run into this same problem of not wanting to discard those "oldies but goodies." I don't want to get rid of many of our old LP's because they contain historical information that is relevant to many of our courses. Converting them to CD appears to be the best option but of course the next hurdle is copyright. The vendors of many of our "old" items are no longer in business and if they were taken over by another company, we have not been able to locate the who. I will keep you posted once we begin the process. We have not received this program yet and it is my understanding that we no longer have any money in our present budget. Our fiscal cycle runs July 1 to June 30 each year so there is no telling when I will receive this item.
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> I have replaced many of our old titles on compact disc, but many of the ones that are left just aren't available in that format. Now I've been told I need to "discard" them, but it is killing me to do this. The titles include lots of poetry, often read by the poet; drama, lots of it pretty obscure, like Langston Hughes' Jericho-Jim Crow, directed by Ailey and Hairston . . . lots of opera, including old Doyly Carte productions and Norma sung by Callas.
> Any ideas? I've thought about recording some from LP to compact disc, for titles that are truly impossible to replace. I have tried donating them to other schools, but most are in the same situation, not interested in taking on more LPs. Any suggestions would be welcome--I feel terrible, criminal even, just throwing them out!!!!!!
> Thanks for any suggestions!

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