[Videolib] the sad fate of old LPs

Maureen Tripp (Maureen_Tripp@emerson.edu)
Thu, 10 Jun 2004 11:25:10 -0400

Someone a while back asked if there was a comparable listserv for sound materials, but I don't recall an answer to this question . . . if there is one, please let me know. I need to consult with others about the fate of our LP collection (about 800 albums). We have been told to collect in compact disc format only, and to discard our record collection. I have replaced many of our old titles on compact disc, but many of the ones that are left just aren't available in that format. Now I've been told I need to "discard" them, but it is killing me to do this. The titles include lots of poetry, often read by the poet; drama, lots of it pretty obscure, like Langston Hughes' Jericho-Jim Crow, directed by Ailey and Hairston . . . lots of opera, including old Doyly Carte productions and Norma sung by Callas.

Any ideas? I've thought about recording some from LP to compact disc, for titles that are truly impossible to replace. I have tried donating them to other schools, but most are in the same situation, not interested in taking on more LPs. Any suggestions would be welcome--I feel terrible, criminal even, just throwing them out!!!!!!
Thanks for any suggestions!

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