[Videolib] Re: DVD Repair (David Wright)

Mon, 7 Jun 2004 19:55:31 -0000 (UTC)


I appreciate the gentle reminder. While obviously promoting our service,
it is my intent to also make those aware that DVD and CD repair is an
alternative to replacing your collection of discs when they experience
scartches and general wear and tear. I also want to highlight potential
concerns and what may not be a wise investment (i.e. - label side security

Whether one decides to in-house their disc repair or outsource it to a
service such as ours, I just believe it makes fiscal sense to stop
throwing discs away and make an attempt to repair them. Few know that
discs can be repaired 7 to 10 times (depending on the depth of the damage)
before they need to be replaced.

In reviewing my last email it clearly was an attempt to clarify our
service rather than general information to the board. I appreciate you
taking notice of this and reminding me (and others) that this is an info
board. I apologize for my obvious plug.

Thanks for the wonderful forum!
David Wright
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