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A gentle reminder to David (and others). The correspondence thread below
should probably have been on videonews not videolib. We earnestly try
maintain videolib as a "commercial free" zone. Videonews, on the other
hand is intended as a product/service bulletin board. I realize that the
line between general query and commercial response is sometimes fuzzy (as
in this case), but if we can all try to keep the twain separate, it'd be cool.


At 01:28 AM 6/4/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>It's been kinda quiet on the board lately so I thought I'd add a couple
>comments concerning questions I have received with our repair offer.
>First, I want to say that we were truly appreciative of the response and
>feedback we recieved with our no obligation repair offer.
>We have received questions about the 3M security strips. A couple of
>members have questioned the use of these and I have to agree that there is
>indeed a problem with these strips. If you think about the rotation and
>weighting of these strips, I think you can understand how some players
>would rotate these at an uneven spin pace. DVDs are more suseptible to
>these read errors. There is some anecdotal evidence that it can even
>cause premature wear on the disc player itself. If you are using these
>strips, I would suggest looking for alternative security measures or at
>least being aware of the issue should it start to come up in your
>A couple members have also asked whether we allow for purchase orders on
>our repair orders. We do accept purchase orders and will invoice for
>services on a net 30 day basis. We only bill for what we are able to
>fully repair. If we can't fix it, we simply don't see justification for a
>charge. We are happy to provide any vendor approval information necessary
>to your administative staff.
>We realized such a positive response from our offer, we would like to
>extend it again. If you have any doubts about disc repair, send us a
>couple discs and allow us to show you. You are under no further
>obligation. Simply send your disc(s) to us, along with email. We will
>repair two discs at NO charge and ship back within 48 hours of receipt.
>Once you see the results, I am confident you will see the value of the
>service to the rest of your media collection.
>I would also appreciate hearing any feedback from members that took us up
>on our offer. I think it would be helpful to the discussion of whether
>disc repair is a practical alternative to replacing discs.
>David Wright
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