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I've never had a problem with magnetic materials and airports. There
simply aren't that strong of magnetic fields to damage the tape. With
today's videotapes (particularly SVHS, Betacam, 8mm, and other digital
formats) the tapes can barely be erased with consumer level bulk
erasers. I won't worry at all.

--Mike Schmitt
UW-Green Bay

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Hello, video-lings.

Here's a query I've not had to deal with before, and I'm hoping some of
you can help out:

Randy, a coworker will be bringing back a dozen films (VHS mostly) from
Lithuania for the Media Center. Should she be concerned about their
going through x-ray machines? Personnel screeners? Are there any other
hazards (besides extreme heat) that she should be aware of? Thanks.

Any thoughts? Much appreciated,

Randy Hertzler
University of Washington Libraries, Seattle
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