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Does this mean you can order only titles for which OCLC possesses a MARC
record? Doesn't this inhibit your collection development policy somewhat?

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I've been keeping one eye on this discussion, but I feel the need to speak
in defense of acquisitions staff!

When we have a request for a video, we import the best record from
OCLC. We then create an order using it. Our system most certainly does
not allow for us to change the title on the purchase order (unless we
modified the bib record, which would subsequently mess up cataloging). If
the vendor from whom we're ordering has a catalogue number for the title,
we quote that ("Send the dvd, your item XY123.") in the instructions to
vendor line. If we have special needs---the NTSC version, say, or the
French version with English subtitles---we have to fit that information
into the same line, which is limited to 20 characters. We wouldn't have
the space to type a different title.

We then print the purchase orders. What prints on the purchase order, in
terms of a title, depends on the OCLC record and the whim of our
system. If we ordered only a handful of titles each day, I suppose we
could hand write the title as quoted in the vendor catalogue onto each
purchase order. In fact, we order about 100 titles per working day (books,
videos, cds, etc). It would be next to impossible to winnow the video
orders and annotate each one.

I know that off hand it sounds rude of us to send out an order that doesn't
match the listing in a vendor's catalogue. But trust me, we do the best we
can with the limitations imposed on us by OCLC and automation! It is,
after all, in our own best interests to have the order be as accurate as
possible, to ensure that we get the version we want---not to mention that
we like to stay on good terms with our vendors.


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>Jessica -
>You mean people order your videos without even the courtesy of listing
>by the title you have for it?!
>Of course, if I'm one of them, please ignore this e-mail....
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