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Since many of us are using World cataloging utilities to catalog our
titles, we wouldn't be fair to the rest of the diverse universe in just
using English or popular titles. As an academic institution which
supports the teaching of other languages besides English, we wouldn't be
able tell our users what titles we actually had in a foreign language if
we chose to catalog everything with a primary English title. We have
international teach-ins, global film fests, etc. Any online system
should have the capability of indexing multiple titles in the same
record or it isn't very user friendly. Think about titles with start
with a publishers name or a company name-- a cataloger would always make
an additional title access point for the title without the initial name
eg. XXXXX's guide to... or XXXX directory of... PLEASE
PLEASE DO NOT go against national cataloging standards. Whoever is
cataloging in OCLC is not making the DEFINITIVE record, they are
cataloging according to the rules. As publishers or distributors of
these films, it would be a service to your clients to reference English
and foreign titles. Often it is as simple as going to a movie database
such as the Internet movie database to find the foreign and "ALSO KNOWN
AS" English title. I often use publisher/distributor Web sites for
cataloging assistance. Thanks for listening.

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OH PLEASE , PLEASE catalogue and ORDER them under their common English
titles. I go NUTS trying to figure out some POs that I get for titles we
have NO clue what they are. I used to think librarians were INSANE for
sending a P.O with some obscure Russian wording until it was explained
to me that whoever catalogues the record first on OCLC is making more or
less the definitive record. We have gotten P.Os for things we never
heard of and while we can USUALLY figure out the French or German,
Russian and other more obscure language are difficult.

I wish all the records would reflect the common use title

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> From: "Holly Sammons" <> > Reply-To: > Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 09:15:47 -0400 (EDT) > To: <> > Subject: [Videolib] Cataloging Foreign Language Feature Films > > Before I ask my question, let me preface it by saying I am NOT a > cataloger! But I am having a cataloging battle. > > I'd like my foreign language videos (dvd's and vc's)to be cataloged > with the primary title being English and the additional title in the > language the film was made (making it more user friendly). For > instance, the film "Shower" would have that as the primary title, and > the Chinese title, "Xi zao" would be the additional title. > > My contention is that the average patron would search for "Shower" not

> "Xi zao"!!! I know the general rule about title page, but with a > video there is no way a patron can view the "title page" without > putting it in a machine! And often there is NOTHING on the container > that says the foreign language title. Titles on video packages are > often in English. > > Is this reasonable? How do other libraries do it? My library's catalog

> is so user unfriendly that this detail makes an enormous difference. > > Thanks in advance. > > -- > Holly Sammons, Librarian > Onondaga County Public Library > 447 So Salina St > Syracuse NY 13202 > 315-435-1894 > > > > > _______________________________________________ > Videolib mailing list > >

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