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In my former position (not here at ASU West), all media was classified with an abbreviated LC class. We used the LC primary classification (BF, HQ, LB, PE, etc.) followed with an accession number.

In that configuration, we grouped foreign films with the LC class for the literature of the language.

Fortunately, online catalogs allow for both the english translation title and the title in the original language to be identified in a single title search.

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> Perhaps your catalog system doesn't allow for this, but what our cataloguers do is put the "real" title as the main title, but then include the English translation as an alternate title. A title-keyword search looks in both fields, so it doesn't matter which version of the title the patron searches for.
> Going off on a related tangent... Our AV cataloger recently brought this idea to me about the foreign films.
> For those of you with videos arranged by LC numbers...
> As you know, LC clumps all feature films into a vaguely alphabetical arrangement regardless of language. This OLAC conference presentation advocated arranging by language and director rather than just alphabetically by title,. i.e. more like literature is arranged with each language having it's own call number range.
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