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You may also want to look at this page from the National Association
for the Deaf:

which notes that, according to the Department of Justice, schools can
provide assistance in a variety of ways - not just closed captioning.

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On Wednesday, May 26, 2004, at 11:42 AM, Lori Stevens wrote:

> Hi Jill,
> I went through the same thing at sour institution last fall. I called
> the federal government ADA office in Colorado which investigates
> non-compliance issues and they told me that films DO NOT have to be in
> closed captioned, the ACT only requires you to make reasonable
> accomodations. That if there is a hearing impaired student, AND they
> have gone through your campus disabilities office, AND an accomodation
> is listed in the letter only THEN do you have to make a "reasonable
> accomodation" which could include paying someone to sit next to the
> TV and sign the film (way cheaper than Close captioning a title!) or
> preparing a written transcript (also much cheaper than closed
> captioning a film). The institution chooses how they will accomodate
> and the only requirement is that it must be effective. The rules are a
> little different for K-12 but for higher ed, that is the way the law
> sits and there is nothing in there that requires you to close caption
> your titles. I know you probab!
> ly have to go through a lot more red tape than I did, but show them
> the cost of close captioning 1 60 minute title. I am sure this hasn't
> been thought through and someone on some board somewhere thought this
> would be a good idea. If you can get them to switch back it would
> save an already cash strapped state system beau-coup bucks.
> This is the website of the bunch I talked to. ADA is enforced by the
> Office of Civil Rights.
> Good luck!
> Lori Stevens
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>>>> 05/26/04 10:30 AM >>>
> California Community Colleges are under direction from the Chancellor's
> Office to purchase only closed caption videos in order to be in
> compliance
> with Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Therefore,
> we must
> purchase only closed captioned videos, or agree to have them captioned
> out
> of local funds before they are added to the collection at our site.
> It is
> very hard on the faculty, as they want to purchase videos to augment
> their
> teaching, and most educational titles are not captioned. Therefore,
> they
> have to come up with the money to caption, which runs about $6/minute.
> I am
> hoping that soon all videos will come with closed captioning, but I
> think
> that the big institutions will need to take the same stand that the
> California Community Colleges have taken in order to encourage the
> distributors to do this. It has essentially eliminated about 75% of
> what we
> would like to buy, because we don't have the money to caption it. I am
> interested in seeing what others have to say on this.
> Thanks,
> Jill Baker
> AV Librarian
> San Diego Mesa College
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> Subject: [Videolib] closed captioning on videos
> I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has a statement in their
> video
> collection development policy that addresses in any way the purchse of
> videos with closed captioning. While we always try to purchase the cc
> version (if there is a choice), in some cases titles from smaller,
> independent distributors don't always provide captioning. I've
> occasionally
> been surprised at receiving a non-captioned video from large, well
> known
> distributors. I've been asked to include something in my updated
> policy,
> and want to be as pro-active as possible while remaining balanced
> regarding
> the various campus needs and requirements.
> Also, has anyone had experience with the OCmaker from ClosedCaption
> Maker?
> This product provides a method for producing open captions for VHS
> tapes,
> and indicates being particularly appropriate for existing Library VHS
> collections.
> Thank you in advance for any input you might have.
> Rue
> Rue M. Herbert
> Media Resources
> Tampa Library
> University of South Florida
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