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Not quite what you are looking for - we purchase our cds for the most part
from Alliance Entertainment Corporation - They have by far
the best discounts of anyone we have tried - including B&T, Amazon, Ingram,
or any of the retail stores. To get to the store site, however, you do need
to get a customer code and password. There is a specific section for
searching just for classical, and you can search by composer, performer,
work, album, conductor, orchestra, UPC/Cat# or all. You can't do any type
of combination search, but they provide a lot of information about the
title. The one thing they don't have on the site is the ability to enlarge
the graphic of the title cover. Just on a test few, the discounts run from
25% to 35%, depending on title, label, etc. Hope this helps.

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Subject: [Videolib] Site for price comparisons for classical music CDs.

This is somewhat off topic, so I apologize in advance.

Someone has asked me to recommend a site for comparing prices for classical
music CDs. I know of Google's Froogle and Yahoo Shopping, but these don't
really allow for sophisticated searches (e.g., searching by label, composer,
performer, name of composition, conductor, etc.). I am hoping that the site
will allow for multi-field searching and the ability to compare prices for
different online merchants. Yahoo Shopping used to allow for an advanced
classical music search and price comparison, but now they only allow for the
price comparisons. Can anyone recommend something more comprehensive?



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Subject: Another site for comparing cook prices

I'd like to suggest another site for comparing book prices - I like it better than addall.

Dot Finn

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> Hi --
> Anyone use Amazon to order books? If so, have you noticed a huge
> increase in the shipping time?
> It's been a great resource for our small level of acquisitions, but the
> new 5-6 week shipping time just doesn't work for me. I also use B&N and
> Powells, but they often don't have what I need. Any other
> recommendations for online book ordering for very small libraries?
> Thanks! -- Michelle
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