[Videolib] RE: Azuradisc products (David Wright)

Mon, 24 May 2004 19:12:54 -0000 (UTC)


We use five Azura 1600 models in our scratch repair business. We also
have automated machines that provide for a faster, more automated repair
process. One advantage the automated machines provide is a true
flat-on-flat repair. The Azura 1600 machines, and other similar machines
from JFJ or CDRepairman are prone to uneven weighting which may not
provide for repeat repairs over time.

When you are looking at a need for repairing discs internally, the biggest
cost is labor and not the up-front cost of the machine itself. Coupling
the employee training commitment and labor cost, you have the cost of
on-going supplies and repairs to the machines. We have provided this
analysis for others and have determined that unless you are processing
more than about 1000 discs a month (or have a full time volunteer), you
will pay more to do it yourself rather than outsource the service.

A service such as ours provides economical disc repair for the majority of
collections. We can only do this by servicing the volume of discs we do
each year.

A couple weeks ago, we offered Videolib members the opportunity to send us
a couple of discs and have them repaired for no cost. Many have taken us
up on this offer. We extended the offer thru the end of May. The
response has been great.

I would encourage you or anyone considering the purchase of a machine to
send us a couple discs and show our service to you. After seeing the
results and service we provide, you can put pen to paper and determine
whether the cost/benefit analysis really justifies the expense and
commitment of repairing discs yourself. Unless you have a very large need
for repair service, I think you will find outsourcing more economical (and
less of a headache!).

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or call the phone
number listed on our website. I would be happy to assist you with
quetions on your repair needs.

David Wright
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