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James Scholtz (
Mon, 24 May 2004 11:51:15 -0400

Hi Dennis, Look at the 5/15/04 Library Journal AV special magazine (came
with the regular LJ magazine). It has an article (by me surprisingly
enough) that gives reviews of all of the disc cleaners, and mentions some
of the concerns and questions as well as addressing long-term supply
costs. Yes, I've tried all of the machines and our library purchased both
a Disc-Go-Pod and a single arm JFJ unit. Questions - just ask me after
you've looked at the article. I hope it helps. Jim S.

At 10:05 AM 5/24/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>Has anyone invested in DVD cleaning and repairing machines from
>Azuradisc? I've been asked to look at the products and possibly budget
>for one. They're a bit pricey and I wonder whether they can 'pay for
>themselves' in an educational setting. Are there competitors to Azuradisc
>that I should consider as well.
>Many thanks.
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