[Videolib] DVD scratch repair (David Wright)

Wed, 19 May 2004 08:12:33 -0000 (UTC)

I just wanted to send out a quick thank you to everyone that has sent us a
couple DVDs or CDs to repair. We were excited with the response and we
realized that there is truly a need in the library community for education
and service in the CD/DVD scratch repair area.

For those that didn't get a chance, we would be happy to honor the offer
through the end of May.

Again, if you have any doubts about disc repair service, please send us a
couple discs and allow us to show you. You are under no further
obligation. Simply send your disc to us, along with email. We will
repair two discs at NO charge and ship it back within 48 hours of receipt.
Once you see the results, I am sure you will see the great service and
value we can provide to the rest of your media collection.

For more information, you can check out our website or give us a call.

Thanks again!
David Wright
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