Re: [Videolib] United Streaming??

Rick Faaberg (
Mon, 17 May 2004 19:47:00 -0700

On 5/17/04 7:19 PM "Rick Faaberg" <> sent this out:

> And I'm pretty sure United has clearance on most if not all of the materials
> they distribute. I'm not sure of the exact percentage.

Just for clarity's sake, here's where you can find out about the videos that
United distributes:

<> and click on VIDEOS

It appears that they have physical distribution rights to 3,000 titles and
streaming rights for 2,200 of them. That's remarkable since a lot of
producers and title owners are still fairly leery of the the "streaming

Rick Faaberg

Ps. I'm not affiliated with United Learning or United Streaming.

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