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Rick Faaberg (
Mon, 17 May 2004 19:33:17 -0700

On 5/17/04 1:01 PM "Joel S. Bachar" <> sent this out:

> Hello VidLib
> I am wondering if any of you have used the United Streaming service
> and/or have purchased a blanket license for your school in order to
> use this educational-based video on demand/download service??
> I am curious to hear any feedback.
> For those not familiar with the service you can learn more here:

I worked with them closely a couple of years ago to license IIRC a couple of
hundred titles to host on my streaming server. Great bunch of people who
will do whatever it takes to make your project successful - they did on mine

One thing though is you have to get the server(s) as close to your viewers
as possible. Ideally, have the server on the same network and have everybody
on at least 100MB segments. United has an option to download to local
servers and I'd take 'em up on that offer.

One issue I had (I'm pretty sure it was with United) was that they didn't do
QuickTime encoding at that time and QuickTime Streaming Server was my
delivery engine. Before I was laid off by the powers that be, I was getting
us geared up to do the encoding from MPEG-1 to QT.

Say 'hello' to JohnJoe for me if he's still with United! :-)


Rick Faaberg

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