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Rick Faaberg (
Mon, 17 May 2004 19:19:44 -0700

On 5/17/04 5:41 PM "Gary Handman" <> sent this

> I'm also somewhat amused by the concept of "The largest and most current
> K-12 video/video clip library available today." Cool, I guess, if you're a
> teacher who's inclined to develop a curriculum around a random collection
> of clips or--at best--a random collection of whichever titles the vendor
> has been able to clear rights for.

United's materials are specifically produced to address K-12 (maybe college
too, not sure) curriculum needs and are tied to state common curriculum
goals and supporting activities. The clips are not "random", they are
segments of longer programs that address specific subtopics within the
larger overall subject of the program.

Your comment does United Streaming a disservice - they have quality product
and quality service.

And yes, both students and teachers utilize the clips to illustrate/explain
topics in presentations and other multimedia-based projects.

And I'm pretty sure United has clearance on most if not all of the materials
they distribute. I'm not sure of the exact percentage.

Carry on,

Rick Faaberg

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