Re: [Videolib] 2 foreign flicks i need info on

Jessica Rosner (
Thu, 13 May 2004 17:11:19 -0400

Just to clarify, I asked permission from the distributor to make one VHS
NTSC copy of the title. However, when they sent the copy, it was NTSC. I'm
not sure why they wouldn't be able to send me an NTSC copy.

The reason is that they have NO RIGHTS in the US and no rights to make
copies in US format unless they have permission from the rights holder
which in this case would make no sense since the American Owner Roxie
releasing has those rights for the US
Just a word of caution that if you ever ask such a thing from an overseas
company GET IN WRITING ( or e mail) that they have the legal right
to do this as it is most unusual. Feature films are basically sold
by territory and in THEORY one territory is not supposed to sell to the
other. As a practical matter once a title is sold to places like Facets
or Amazon they are not really restricted from reselling it outside the US
but they have no right to either transfer the format or give anyone
permission to change the format. This is a very touchy issue with a lot
of rights holders and I know it has come up here several times

It is not THAT difficult to use a multi-system player and I would strongly
advice people to stick to this particularly if the title in question is
a feature film because I am hard pressed to think of a case where a rights
holder would grant permission to transfer formats on these.


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