[Videolib] DVD shelving

TMontri (tmontri@toledolibrary.org)
Wed, 12 May 2004 19:06:05 -0400


We have a growing collection of over 4,000 DVD titles, and are beginning to
outgrow our shelving units. We use "kwik-case" security cases, and
currently the DVDs are shelved on perimeter glass shelving with a slight
angle to the shelves. This has worked well since the boxes have a tendency
to fall over, and this 10% angle helps them stay put to some extent.
However, we are quickly outgrowing this space, so the only existing option
right now is standard metal bookshelves. We used the metal shelves for a
short time, and the DVDs were always a mess!

Wondering if anyone else out there is in a similar position, and if any
solution has been discovered...

Thanks in advance,
Tracy Montri
Toledo PL
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