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You mention the problem with security strips. We have security strips (one
straight strip on each side of the hole) on all of our DVDs and it does
cause problems, I believe. I have heard that there are circular security
strips that go around the center of the disc. If applied properly one would
think that this would be a better solution. Of course they are quite a bit
more expensive, from what I'm told. Should I look into this?

Marc Syp
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I have had a chance to look at the label scratch guards you included in
your link. While I have not dealt with the producer of this particular
vendor, I believe these are what you are looking for in a CD/DVD scratch
guard. I do think that the price of these particular label guards is
pretty high.

Do scrach guards work? Yes, I believe they provide significant protection
to CD labels. Are they necessary for all discs? No.

CDs and DVDs that were produced prior to the mid to late 1990's are more
suseptible to the need for guard labels. Many of the discs produced prior
to this time period contained only a thin layer of protection. Many of
these were a simple grey or silver layer imprinted with black ink that
detail the content of the disc. These are most likely to experience label
scratches. With CDs in particular, the foil layer that reflects the laser
read information can easily be permeated causing the disc to be
unrepairable. Simply sliding them over a surface could scratch them.
That is why we tell people that when you lay a disc down unprotected, put
the play side down. We are able to repair scratches to that side of the

In other cases, we have noted labels that were poorly manufactured and
chip or peel. Recent DVD titles that we have noted this on include "Bruce
Almighty" and "Seabiscuit". I would recommend adding a scratch guard to
these before they start to chip or flake.

When selecting a scratch guard, you want to make sure there you are using
one specifically for CDs and DVDs. We have seen instances where someone
has used packing tape or other material to try and protect a label. These
will eventually peel or gum the disc. With it, the label will peel and
possibly ruin the disc. You also want to avoid any product that contains
"security strips". The reason for this is that they are not equally
weighted on the disc. This uneven spin will cause laser read problems as
well as wear your player prematurely. You also want to use a CD label
guard applicator to ensure you set the guard evenly on the disc.

If you have need to write on the label, do so with a CD-safe pen - one
that is water-based is best. Also, do this before adding the label guard.
Imprints in the disc can cause indentations and disc read errors as well.
Better yet, use a hub label and add the information there. That way, if
the ink permeates the polycarbonate, no information is affected.

When needed, we provide scratch guards in our repair service at no
additional charge to our customers. Prior to selecting a scratch guard,
we performed an extensive search to ensure that we had the best on the
market. We are adding these to our web store very soon for purchase. If
you are interested in purchasing them at a "pre-store" price send me an
email or give me a call. Our number is located on our website.

David Wright
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