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Who knew what a can of worms this would open up! My question is - what can
libraries do in good faith? I know that under our license agreement we
can't show movies from 20th Century Fox - they are not on the studio list.
It isn't likely anyone is going to come after us if we do show a Fox film
(our teens would really like a Star Wars Marathon!). But the license does
not include Fox, so we won't show Fox. Period. However, I don't think that
the other 10 or so studios are going to send us pages and pages of films
that are ok for us to show. How would this list even be kept current? I
would bet that if we called and asked, we would be just as likely to get a
response that said any film they had would be ok, as a response that said no
list was available, or let us check with legal, or ... well, you know. It
doesn't seem quite fair to say "the movies from this studio are ok" and then
later come and say, "oh, you know - our movies are ok to show except for
this and this and this." Especially if nothing like that is mentioned in
the original agreement.
I know that I know nothing about this, and that rights issues are incredibly
complicated, but this is just my perspective as a public librarian who wants
to do the right thing.

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Well our title was THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST which we have under special
contract but Zeitgeist is and should be worried about NOWHERE IN AFRICA
in which they licensed Home Video ONLY to Columbia
Also none of the Chaplin DVD's released by Warner Bros are covered and we
deal with the Chaplin Estate on other things and they would FLIP OUT
There are I am sure literally hundreds if not thousands of exceptions
so I think some of us distributors & rights holders need to approach
them about this and find a way so that this does not keep happening.
Ironically it can work BOTH WAYS in that Kino releases APPLAUSE
& LOVE ME TONIGHT but they WOULD be covered by any contract that
covers Universal as we own no PPR rights on them.

Jessica Rosner
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