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Joel -

While I appreciate learning about new products from your company, some time ago it was decided that such announcements should not be directed to VideoLib.

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> Subject: [Videolib] The Animation Show Volume One DVD Now Available
> Now Available from The Blackchair DVD Collection:
> The Animation Show Volume One presented by Mike Judge and Don Hertzfeldt
> Release Date: May 4, 2004
> Price: $70.00 with PPR
> 101 minutes
> UPC: 898022000098
> Note The DVD is not yet rated however some films may not be suitable for
> children under 12.
> To order:
> Joel S. Bachar
> 415-637-1345
> fax: 509-351-1530
> Synopsis:
> Finally, there's an animation festival with the artists themselves at the
> helm. Following the critically acclaimed theatrical tour of The Animation
> Show we bring you The Animation Show Volume One on DVD! Kicking off in the
> spring of 2004, The Animation Show Volume One is a collection of the
> best-animated short films from around the world, personally programmed by
> co-producers Mike Judge (Office Space, and King of the Hill) and Academy
> Award nominated animator Don Hertzfeldt.
> This year> '> s DVD line-up spans eight countries, featuring everything from
> 2003 Academy Award winner Adam Elliot> '> s three claymation films Brother,
> Cousin, and Uncle to the very latest in computer animation - with four
> recent Academy Award nominees (including Mt Head, The Rocks, Fifty Percent
> Grey, and The Cathedral), brand new films from Mike and Don, plus extra
> surprises. Never before has such a visually stunning and hilarious
> collection of animation been gathered together in one program.
> Each year the Animation Show plans to follow its new theatrical tour with a
> DVD compilation packed with award winning animation from around the world.
> Starting with this first volume Mike and Don have asked the filmmakers
> involved to share insight into their individual technique with an amazing
> assortment of special features. This is the first animated compilation to
> take such an in-depth look into the inner workings of so many great
> filmmakers.
> There is an enormous surplus of great animation that rarely sees wide
> distribution or exposure. This DVD series will function to spotlight these
> hidden classics as well as showcase older animation greats that have yet to
> find their way to DVD. The Animation Show has put together a new ongoing
> volume of work that will catalog the greatest animation created and present
> this work to moviegoers and animation fans for years to come.
> Films included:
> 1. Welcome to the Show directed by Don Hertzfeldt
> 2. Mt. Head (Atama Yama) directed by Koji Yamamura
> 3. Brother directed by Adam Elliot
> 4. Parking directed by Bill Plympton
> 5. Adventures of Ricardo, The directed by Corky Quackenbush
> 6. Moving Illustrations of Machines directed by Jeremy Solterbeck
> 7. LA COURSE Ą L'ABĪME (The Ride to the Abyss) directed by Georges
> Schwizgebel
> 8. Billy's Balloon directed by Don Hertzfeldt
> 9. Cousin directed by Adam Elliot
> 10. The Cathedral directed by Tomek Baginski
> 11. Intermission in the Third Dimension directed by Don Hertzfeldt
> 12. Fifty Percent Grey directed by Ruairi Robinson
> 13. Uncle directed by Adam Elliot>
> 14. Early Pencil Tests and Other Experiments directed by Mike Judge
> 15. Aria directed by Pjotr Sapegin
> 16. Bathtime in Clerkenwell directed by Alex Budovsky
> 17. The Rocks (Das Rad) directed by Chris Arvid, Heidi Stenner, Uibel
> Wittlinger
> 18. End of the Show, The directed by Don Hertzfeldt
> About the Producers:
> Mike Judge is no stranger to successful comedy animation. Prior to KING OF
> THE HILL, he was creator and executive producer of the irreverent cable
> series BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD. Judge also provided the voices for Beavis,
> Butt-Head and the additional male characters, and wrote and performed the
> theme music for the series. Additionally, he wrote and directed the hit
> film BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD DO AMERICA. Judge's animation career includes
> creating the well-known series animation piece, OFFICE SPACE, which aired as
> a short film on cable and later as a recurring sketch on "Saturday Night
> Live." Two of his other short films, "huh?" and "The Honkey
> Problem," have appeared in the Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation. A
> self-motivated talent, Judge taught himself to animate in 1991 with the aid
> of borrowed library books, a second-hand animation camera and a few cheap
> animation supplies. Previously, he performed music on the road. In 1998,
> Judge made his live-action directorial debut with the film OFFICE SPACE,
> which he also wrote, for Twentieth Century Fox. In addition to serving as
> co-creator and executive producer of KING OF THE HILL, Judge is also the
> voice of Hank Hill and Boomhauer. He plans to return to live action this
> spring with the feature > "> 3301> "> which he currently prepping for Fox.
> Armed with a sketchbook and pencil in hand, Hertzfeldt is out to
> re-introduce hand-drawn animation back to this country, where, it has become
> somewhat of a lost artform. Sometimes shocking, always provocative, and
> continually entertaining, Hertzfeldt> '> s unconventional animated shorts have
> turned audiences upside down with hilarity and have reduced even the
> toughest critics to tears of laughter. From the 2001 Academy Award-nominated
> short, REJECTED to the critically acclaimed 1998 BILLY> '> S BALLOON, Hertzfeldt
> has exhibited that raw and rudimentary stick figures can sometimes make for
> the most sophisticated animation. Hertzfeldt> '> s irreverent take on animation
> has garnered him much attention within the animation community and the
> film community at large. His storytelling contains a wit that may lend to
> thundering laughter and a bit of head-scratching. This year> '> s THE ANIMATION
> SHOW brings Don together with fellow animator, Mike Judge to bring animation
> to the forefront. Disillusioned by the current state of animation and the
> commercial glut it has fallen into, they have assembled some of the world> '> s
> best animation into a single program. In bringing some of these indie
> masterpieces to the big screen, Hertzfeldt is out to change the way that we
> look at animation forever.
> Extra Features:
> -Audio commentaries by animators Bill Plympton and Corky Quackenbush.
> -Deleted pencil test by Mike Judge
> -Special effects commentary and production art galleries by Don Hertzfeldt.
> -"Mt. Head" galleries of concept art and character design.
> -"The Cathedral" motion tests, animatics and production art.
> -"The Rocks" production photo album.
> -"La Course A L'abime" storyboard to scene comparison.
> -plus much more!
> To order:
> Joel S. Bachar
> 415-637-1345
> fax: 509-351-1530
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