[Videolib] Used DVD security cases for sale - Hate to throw them out

Fred Sandner (fsandner@rcls.org)
Mon, 10 May 2004 14:33:10 -0400

We have about 450 used (pre-owned?) Alpha-S series DVD security cases available for purchase. We replaced them with Gressco Kwik cases, which we use for our other formats. It’s not that we are unhappy with the Alpha’s, it just took a while for Gressco to market a DVD case (their first attempt was not up to par). We used the Alpha cases in the meantime. To see what they look like and for more info, two vendors who currently sell them are Vernon (p. 78 of 2003 cat. 800-878-0253) and Specialty Store Services (p84 of Summer 2004 cat 800-999-0771 - by the by, this vendor is across-the-board cheaper than the most library vendors).
They go for a bit over $3 ea new. We will sell them for 75 cents ea, or – if the lot is purchased – at 50 cents ea along with a used key in good condition. They take up six boxes which hold about 75 – 85 per box. You arrange for/pay the shipping.
Please email me offlist or call 845-352-5700 x261.

Fred Sandner
Head, Circulation/Media Services          
Finkelstein Memorial Library

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