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The library at the Kinsey Institute at IU is the only library I'm certain
actively collects this kind of stuff. A quick check of OCLC shows that Cal
Arts, Sonoma State, Mich State, LIU, Northeastern, UMinn have copies of
Deep Throat . Sonoma State and Mich State have Behind the Green Door. No
library lists Debbie does Dallas. Given the mainstream pop culture status
those titles achieved and their minimal representation in libraries, its
obvious that most of us have chosen not to stick our necks out on behalf of

I imagine, with the rare exception, many of the librarians who would
verbally support this would privately avoid doing it themselves. Obviously
it could lead to a firestorm were it to happen in the wrong community. I
haven't had to face this question myself yet but I would probably opt for
special collections or media reserves with viewing restrictions.

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Please respond to

Ok, I brought this topic up about a year ago, and got a lot of feedback,
mostly philosophical . . . What I am hoping for this time is practical
advice: Several faculty members have requested I purchase pornographic
titles from the 60's and 70's for the collection. They will be used in
classes on genre film, and, as part of our Media Services collection, can
be viewed by students inhouse.
Do other academic libraries collect this sort of material? Is it handled
any differently in terms of cataloging, storage, or access?
I'd appreciate hearing from others who have already dealt with these
questions--thanks so much!

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