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" attendant wearing night vision goggles..." ????? Things must be
really weird in Baltimore... In berkeley you can barely get someone to
sell you popcorn at the movies.


At 02:22 PM 5/6/2004, Jessica Rosner wrote:
> >From today's NY Times
>( registration required but free and worth it in my opinion)
>Don't worry it has nothing directly to do with anything we
>have discussed but it is fascinating
>Two points of particular note,
>1 Big rights holder's are can be difficult, overbearing and very litigious
>companies ( surprise)and neither
>Artistic expression nor non profit use may protect from these
>2. Some individual STATES are passing laws that may have impact on
>copyright issues
>Jed I trust you will staff the barricades and take up a collection
>should the artist in question get sued
>PS I hope none of you think I support this kind of thing but just
>a cautionary tale
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