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John et al;

There are, as far as I know, only two companies that work with motion picture site licensing for public (note that I say public) libraries. They are Motion Picture Licensing (Corp. or Company, can't remember which it is) and Movie Licensing USA, which we work with. I am the Media Consultant for the System office in this part of the state. We work with 104 public libraries as a resource and service facilitator. Last year, I negotiated contracts with Movie Licensing USA for about 40 of the libraries. This office assists about 20 of those libraries with paying for the licenses by using some state funding that we hold for them. Anothter 25 or so libraries pay for their licenses independently, but they use the contract fees that were negotiated. From the feedback I am receivng, almost all the participating libraries are happy with the licensing system. Note for Jessica: I try to keep all the libraries well aware that they must ONLY use productions from companies that have signed i
nto Movie Licensing's stable.

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Hi All,
Sorry to bring up this spectre again, but a quick question or two. I
remember a while back someone mentioning that there was an outfit that
handled kind of a blanket ppr for campuses so that residents halls could
show feature films in their lobbies. I was wondering if anyone has
gotten one of these for their library and has it worked out well.

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