[Videolib] Copying lost works

Deg Farrelly (DEG.FARRELLY@asu.edu)
Wed, 05 May 2004 15:41:03 -0700

Goodness! Jessica and I actually agree!

No... backup, in anticipation of damage to what you own is not permitted.

As for replacing lost copies...

Section 108 reads: (captialization added)

(d) The rights of reproduction and distribution under this section apply to a copy, made from the collection of a library or archives where the user makes his or her request OR FROM THAT OF ANOTHER LIBRARY OR ARCHIVES
I read that to mean that if MY library owned a copy that was lost, we could BORROW another library's copy to make my replacement copy.

Of course, ALL the other provisions still apply... yada yada yada

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> Sorry Deb what I meant was that you CAN NOT MAKE A BACK UP COPY on
> the POSSIBILITY that the "original" MIGHT be destroyed.
> We can argue about the other ENDLESSLY but there is no right to
> make a "back up" which still leaves the mystery of how you do
> replace a "lost" copy as in your case but under NO circumstances
> can you just make a copy on "spec"
> which is what I thought you said the Prof was accusing of.
> Now I think even Gary and perhaps who knows maybe even Jed might
> go along on this ( ok just kidding about Jed)
> I do get asked about this from time to time as in can we make
> a "back up " copy and for me at least the answer is no as I like
> to assume our stuff will STILL be available, in any event no free
> "back ups"
> Kino International

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