[Videolib] RE: Wherefore video?

Wed, 5 May 2004 05:10:31 -0000 (UTC)

Marc and Jen,

We provide repair service for library and video rental stores throughout
the U.S. and Canada. We have volume pricing discounts that start at $3 a
disc and go down based on your volume. We also provide a flat $3 shipping
charge regardless of the actual shipping cost (as much as $20 in savings).

Not all discs can be repaired. One of the many benefits of our service is
the guarantee we provide. If we can't fix it, you do not pay for the
repair. Simply put, we feel you shouldn't pay for a repair if we can't
save you money in the process.

I would appreciate if you would take a moment and view our website,
www.Rubberdisc.com to find out more. We have many library clients that
continue to restore their collection with our repair service. By allowing
us to repair your scratched discs, you don't have to worry about the time
and labor commitments of repairing them. In addition, you save budget
money to expand, rather than replace, your collection.

We are offering a free trial to all members of the videolib family. Send
your disc to us, along with this letter and we will repair a couple discs
at no charge. We provide fast turnaround on all orders and normally ship
back within 48 hours of receipt.

David Wright
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