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Rick Faaberg (
Tue, 04 May 2004 19:36:08 -0700

On 5/4/04 12:42 PM "Gary Handman" <> sent this

> Let's hear from the California Newsreels, Filmakers Libraries, First/Run
> Icaruses, Cinema Guilds, New Day Films of the world...what's the plan? I
> don't see a move toward a wholesale leap onto disc. What happens if the
> tape/tape player market really does evaporate in the next few years? Where
> you gonna be?

Iąd say we're somewhere near where we were about 20 years ago in K-12 with
our huge collections of 16mm film, perhaps.

It took me 10-12 years to complete the changeover from film to VHS. Before
the ahem "powers that be" eliminated my position, we were beginning the
transition to streaming and DVD, and the schools were accepting the changes
amazingly quickly - especially DVD.

But I guess the bottom line might be that we need to identify critical
titles and begin putting the pressure on for their conversion to digital in
whatever format so at least the digital signal will be there for future

And buy a few palettes of VCRs. :-)

The price on them is certainly going to go up as did 16mm projectors many
years ago.

Rick Faaberg

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