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Deg Farrelly (
Tue, 04 May 2004 18:07:16 -0700

We recently purchased a DVD from a small independent filmmaker, who clearly burned the copy himself.

No problem with that... but...

It has been "lost" (I suspect stolen) by a faculty member at a branch campus, who won't pony up the replacement cost because it's clear (that is, appears) to him that the DVD is a back-up copy that the Library burned in order to loan the title to him.

We can't go to the filmmaker to replace it, because we refused to give the filmmaker the names of the faculty who requested the title, so that he could directly contact them. (Confidentiality of use, etc.)

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> I see the ineluctable march toward a new format as a real threat to (b) (already on thin ice)... I guess the ability to cheaply burn DVD-Rs might be a saving grace, but I worry still...

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