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Mike Tribby (
Tue, 4 May 2004 16:34:30 -0500

"Perhaps" is indeed a keyword here. It may interest some of the
particularly space aged members of the list to know that "vinyl records"
never did really go away. For several years now, audiophile vinyl pressings
have been available for some releases. The reasoning is that vinyl has a
"warmer" sound than available with CDs. Turntables, however, are hard to
find. When I needed to replace my turntable a few years ago I was faced
with the choice of relatively inexpensive turntables or very expensive ones.
I think this is the problem that Gary foresees, and I agree with him.

As to this:
"It seems to me that there are now, after many years, recordings you can buy
on CD that if "vinyl records" were still in the marketplace, would probably
never have seen a printing again."

I don't think the relative disappearance of vinyl from mall music outlets is
the only reason for this, although it's certainly a factor. One can also
now find cleaned up CDs of previously released material, the market for
which was created by the crappy CDs that were rushed out to take advantage
of the public's hunger for something, anything, to play on those new CD
players years ago. Lots of stuff was re-issued on CD with more white noise
and inconsistent sound than the vinyl versions ever contained. And while
those products may still play and probably haven't worsened, the sound
quality is still sub-standard, which in turn drives the market for newer
"remastered" and occasionally expanded versions.

Others have detailed the doubtful future of many theatrical films ever
becoming available on DVD, but my major concern is the vast number of
documentary and special interest titles that may never be reissued in any
format for lack of mass market appeal. If one can't find a VCR, the
material is effectively lost. Had a chance to experience Beta's superior
sound and picture quality recently?

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