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It appareas that B&T are keeping this bit of information under wraps so that they can sell the remianing titles in they have in VHS format. We have ordered a tremendous amount of VHS titles from them over the years and recently noticed an acute decline in VHS titles we were looking for but were surprised that they had in DVD format.
I would venture to say that even though they have not come out and stated they are changing from VHS to DVD, they are as the market appears to bursting at the seams at this moment in time.

LaRoi Lawton
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I wonder about this, too. We order(ed) a lot of feature VHS from Baker &
Taylor. In recent years I have noticed their inventories of VHS dropping as
DVD increased. This year, even with very popular feature titles that are
released simultaneously on VHS and DVD, BT will show large inventories of
DVDs but 0 VHS in stock or on order. I have talked to a sales rep at BT, but
could not get him to tell me whether they were dropping VHS.

Eileen Simmons
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Just out of curiosity, is this about the last year for feature films on vhs?
In doing my search among several large vendors (AEC, BT, Ingram), I kept
coming up empty for vhs titles of movies that were released in the last 2
years, had been on award lists, etc. I couldn't believe how many of these
titles I could not find? Are vhs feature films truly dead? I did do better
with the nonfiction vhs I want to order this year, but I wonder about that,
also. Has anyone stopped ordering vhs features and gone solely to dvd? And
people keep asking me what's the next format around the corner, besides
variations on the DVD format.

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