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Margaret Fain (
Sat, 1 May 2004 16:03:56 -0400

Some more thoughts on being a lender and a borrower:

Our small academic library lends videos and DVD's to faculty, staff and
students. We also lend and borrow audiovisual materials. If the request is for
something that is rare or highly used, the ILL staff member will check with me
or thelibrarian that oversees the collection before lending the item. We have
had great success in lending materials, fewer problems than with our patrons.
Re faculty needing items for class, over the years they have learned to
reserve or check out items before they need them, not at the last minute.
Usually the last minute item needed is checked out to one of our students, not

Our students and faculty appreciate our ability to request video and DVD
through ILL.

Just like we do with books, at the end of each fiscal year, I check with the
ILL department, any video/DVD titles that have been requested more than once
are considered for purchase.

Margaret Fain
Assistant Head of Public Services
Kimbel Library
Coastal Carolina University
Conway, SC 29528

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