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albrechs (
Fri, 30 Apr 2004 16:46:59 -0500

For a bit of a different take, we ILL VHS & DVD fairly freely. Anyone willing
to lend to us, we will also lend to. But there is one caveat, and it's
similar to what Gary has described: I have veto power. Because we are small,
and I **am** the video (and book) acquisitions "department", the ILL person
begins her morning by asking me which of the requests she's received for
videos I will approve. If someone wants something that I know a faculty
member just had me acquire for a course, or something which is OP, or
something which cost $400, I simply say "No" and that's that. This works
*very* well for us.

By being willing to lend to many institutions, we get the benefit of
occasionally borrowing something our patrons need in return. On the other
hand, it's hard to make this work if your institution or your staff is large,
or in a situation where one person doesn't have a good feel for the needs &
uses of the videos.


>This is all fine and well in theory... The bottom line for most academic
>library video collections, however, is that
>1. Most oftentimes we're there first and foremost to support curricula
>2. We often only have single copies of titles in the collection
>3. Outside of features, many of the titles in the collection are expensive
>and/or rare (or at least difficult to replace)
>4. Feature titles (and none feature, too --thank you very much PBS) seem
>to be going out of distribution at an alarmingly rapid DVD
>in sight.
>4. Faculty are pathologically incapable in most cases of reserving
>materials in advance
>In light of the above, a liberal ILL policy runs the very definite risk of
>taking stuff needed for classroom showing or for use by classes out of

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